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An Unusual Compass

3 May
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I lurk in your communities, reading your posts.


Sometimes, when the planets align and all is right with the world, I will make a comment.

Most of the time I will whine and gripe to myself but occasionally I will actually post. I make no promises that it will be funny or insightful or even interesting. I probably won't even have any good drama, I'm too chill. haha

Also, I like World of Warcraft more than I should. I play on Moon Guard and am just about the friendliest damn cow you'll ever meet.

I'm also much too lazy to create seperate journals for myself + my incredibly massive stable of alts. So I'll post here. When I feel like it. Or I might not. But if I do, I'll use tags.

Recently I've been adding interesting people as friends that I found through the WoW Friending Meme. I'm not too creepy, I promise.