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Having recently discovered the NBI (Newbie Blogger Initiative) creating my own blog rose to the forefront of my mind where it had been simply moldering in the back for sometime. If I made a blog, who would read it? Who would care? Also, most importantly, what would it be about? What would I say?

I really had no idea. And I still don't know what to name it. But I did have an idea on topic today.

Last night my friend and I dipped our toes into some BGs for funzies and let's just say it wasn't a stellar experience. When things go wrong - I find fault in myself and look for some way to change to make the experience better.

The whole Cataclysm expansion has been rather rough for me, I've spent much of the time hiding from activities that I used to love and doubting my ability to the point of simply refusing to try. Only recently, in the twilight of Cataclysm, have I thrown myself back into the fray and found fun in dungeons and tried out LFR.

Back to those BGs. What was the problem? For me the problem wasn't that "Horde sucks at PVP" or "You guys fail at defense" (Well, the latter might have been an issue). The problem was that I just don't care for my Ret offspec. I've always been a main spec tank, first and foremost and this DPS offspec was just something I picked up along the way.

I PVP fairly often on my Resto shaman and adore it - so why can't I translate that love of PVP healing into my Paladin? Paladins can be healers, amirite? Previously this isn't something I had explored due to sour experiences in Wrath being tossed into 5v5 arenas with literally 'no' healing or PVP experience.

After the idea was born I spent the night mulling it over and now that I'm committed to it - I'm excited about the journey!

On one hand its something else to add to my bucket list (which I fully intend on posting soon) but hopefully it's something fun that I'll enjoy. An adventure into the unknown!

MoP Beta!

After much bitching yesterday to my friends - both of whom already had Beta invites - I logged on my page right before bed in some off chance that the magical Beta fairy had just lost her way to my account. Lo and behold there it was! I let out a shriek that startled my dog and immediately started downloading the client.

...Which downloaded all night and is still downloading at home right now. Though, it might be done by now? One can hope.

Most of all I'm super excited about the Pet Battle System. It'll certainly change WoW in my eyes. I'm certainly not going to give away any of my babies - but perhaps I can make some extra gold training Tickbirds and selling them. Lord knows I have PLENTY OF FUCKING TICKBIRDS.

I don't think the Pet Battles are in the Beta yet, I'm kinda at a loss for what I should test. I suppose the new talents deserve a look from my 8 million alts. I might even make a premade DK to see if I want to level one.


The sad thing about books.

When I was younger I always had the secret hope that my life would turn out to be like one of the books that I loved so much.

That suddenly one day it would be made known to me that I was not some average girl but a princess/mage/wizard/superhero/heiress/etc,etc. and I would be swept off to live the life that had always been meant for me. A life of adventure and amazing friends.

Now that I'm 26...I realize that none of that will ever happen. Not because I know it's fiction and things like that don't happen in real life, but because no one this old has ever been whisked away in any of my books.

It makes me wonder if this is the turning point all people have.

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Several months ago my mom told me about this site and how awesome it was, but proptly forgot all about my promises to check it out.

Nonetheless during a particularly slow moment at work I was doing some web surfing and ended up there.

Pinterest? Omg. Yes.

It's like all the most awesome things on the internet exploded and splattered all over this website. Amazingly delicious recipes with gorgeous pictures? Check.
Adorable animal photos? Check.
Crafty things that you wish you had thought of first? Check.
Everything else you didn't even know you wanted, but suddenly do with a passion? Check!

Needless to say, after I got my account set up, I did no more work that day.
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In the market

I realized today as I gushed to one of my guy friends about all the awesomeness of Pandaria and Pandaren (he complained that he had his fill of 'cute' for the day) that I definitely need a female friend.

At least someone who would share my enthusiasm for cute things, cooking and various other 'girly' activities and someone who plays WoW would be a plus.

favorites list.

I spend 5 days a week at my job.

A massive amount of time at this job is spent at a computer...and part of that time is spent surfing the internet. Probably more than I'd like to admit.

Since I can't quite save my favorite links on this work computer - I just had the brilliant idea to keep my list of links here on this journal so that I can access and read them without having to remember 'em!

WoW Official Forums

Dead Good Tanking
Righteous Defense

I Like Bubbles

I'll be adding more as I remember them/find them.